Learning to play the guitar today is not only a modern trend as guitar players have always been stylish and elegant, and have always won all hearts anywhere in the world. Music is considered to be an international language.

The guitar still remains the most popular musical instrument. Every year more than 10 million guitars are sold in the world. Online guitar lesson will assist you in learning how to play the guitar, in coming to grips with the basics and, also, in gradual acquiring of more advanced concepts and solo performances. Lessons are designed from simple to complex, and present different genres – blues, rock, country and jazz.

Of course you can learn portals and look for suitable lessons yourself – for example explore reddit guitar lessons – but give us a chance and check out our selection. We have systematized and made our review as informative as possible for you to have no doubt whether to join our online lessons.

In each lesson you familiarize yourself with the subject, the instructor, who can teach you, and you are able to evaluate whether this teaching style suits you. You can train for free during a certain period of time on the Internet and buy the full course afterwards in case you enjoy the learning process. You should choose what suits you best.

The benefits of online guitar lessons

  • It is profitable. The cost of one 1-hour lesson with a guitar teacher ranges from $20 to $50. You need to see your teacher 4-5 times a week. It is $250 per month. But paying $20 per month for a package of online lessons allows you to get unlimited access to the entire catalog of materials. Feel the difference.
  • Stay at home! You do not have to go anywhere, you work at home! No need to waste time and go somewhere.
  • You design your schedule by yourself. You can repeat as long as you want, no one limits you to one hour. It is easy with the modern intense rhythm of life.

We have chosen the best online lessons – you don’t need to search!

Many resources, both free and fee paying, promise to help you learn to play guitar. And do they really help? Anyone who has a guitar, a cheap webcam and the YouTube account, can sit down and learn a lesson, but it does not mean that the lesson will be of use.

We conducted many hours’ research to find real-life lessons for you, suitable for any style. You will be able to choose your best guitar lesson online.

We did not just watch the reviews on the Internet about some lessons. Our team of professional guitarists have tried almost every method of evaluation, sorting the good and the bad. We made it easier for you to choose, narrowing it down to a minimum.

Free or fee paying?

Beginners, of course, prefer free resources, which lack the structure and consistency in learning. Free guitar lesson can turn to be useless.

Maybe you should not button up your purse and spend about $20 on a structured step-by-step program taught by respectable teachers.

Electric or acoustic?

This is to be decided only by you. Each of the famous guitarists made their own choice – either acoustic or electric guitar.

Some people say that learning acoustic guitar is better, because it’s harder to press the strings to get more intense sound, chord barriers are more difficult and there are no modifiers to improve your performance. All your mistakes can be noticed and assessed. And the transition from acoustic to electric is considered to be easier.

But if you lean toward the electric guitar, do not torture yourself. If all the players you admire, play electric guitar, and this is the type of music you want to play, choose an electric guitar!

If there is a possibility, it is preferable to learn to play the classical guitar with nylon strings in the beginning (they are easier to press and you will have less pain in your fingers). Also you will be able to learn how to play faster on nylon strings, rather than on metal strings.

After you have learnt to play on nylon strings, moving to a guitar with metal strings will not be a problem for you.

Metal strings sound more intense and louder. If you decide to learn playing metal strings, then you should pick the thinnest (the thickness of the first string should be 0.010). Strings must be suitable for an acoustic guitar (not for an electric guitar).

Choose the learning method you’ll follow. You’re lucky if you find a professional teacher, as you will be taught by his methods and you will only have to do what he says. If you decide to do it yourself, it is advisable to start with a course for beginners, and not just try to learn everything from what you can find on the Internet. A very important principle in learning is to go from simple to complex. Decent courses adhere to this principle and allow students to achieve success throughout the training.

Choose between online guitar courses described below. Don’t give up, become really engaged. Learning to play a guitar is a process, not “one-day-event”. A wonderful guitar playing is the result of long training, you need to study! So go ahead!

  • The professional touch – Fender Play tutorials.
  • Guitar Tricks. Number one online guitar lessons for beginners in the world. Suitable from beginners to advanced. Easy, fast. Clear short videos.
  • JamPlay. Great supporting community, 82 tutors, more than 5300 songs, clear for beginners. Suitable from beginners to advanced.
  • ArtistWorks – individual approach, you can get your famous guitarist as a personal instructor! Suitable from beginners to advanced.
  • Justin Guitar – free guitar lessons with limitations. No trial version. Australian guitarist Justin Sandercoe has video lessons on YouTube. Not the best educational site in the world, but it is very famous, free and became popular. Suitable from beginners to Intermediate.
  • Jamorama. It’s one of the cheapest guitar membership websites available. Suitable for beginners.
  • TrueFire. Has the most extensive guitar learning content on the Internet. Courses are best for non-beginners.
  • Free Guitar Lessons of Peter Vogl.

Fender Play tutorials

The company, which has been creating instruments in collaboration with Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughn and studying all the needs and peculiarities of those who take the guitars in their hands for seven decades, knows its job. Fender is a really highly professional and experienced guitar manufacturer. But on top of that, Fender Play is the app which extended the company digital strategy.

It was a mistake not to pay attention to those 45% of players who purchase a guitar for the first time. These people need educational support and the acquisition of knowledge on how to play guitar properly.


1.9 million Guitarists use GuitarTricks. It is often considered the number one among online guitar courses. Launched in 1998, this most experienced and richly filled guitar site boasts an archive of 11,000 lessons of guitar skills, and more than 700 compositions – The Beatles, Blink 182, Pearl Jam and Metallica, and this is just a part of them.

The site is easy to navigate even for beginners, and the video player which is updated in 2016, easily reproduces music and has advanced features such as slow playback and A/B cyclic playback, while video is presented in 4K super format.

32 Instructors are experts in their styles; most of them are professional musicians. There are basic courses for three different styles of music: blues, country or rock, with two levels of course per style.

This resource has an active community, regular blogs, a huge variety of acoustic and electric guitar lessons, as well as many useful tools. It is good for advanced too.


  • Many qualified teachers.
  • GuitarTricks offers a free iOS and Android app.
  • Clear video with no pressure, beautiful and short.
  • Excellent website design.
  • You can try a free trial for 14 days, just be ready to receive a lot of letters urging you to buy such high-quality service.
  • The Core Learning System is the excellent way for beginners to learn guitar. It is organized better than any other online guitar trainings; from basic to more complex and detailed.
  • A wide library of songs in each genre with a lesson on how to play the guitar for each of them.
  • Many phonograms of different styles.
  • It is convenient to upload video lessons to your computer.


  • It seems to be more suitable for beginners and intermediate. If you are already at this stage, the online guitar platforms may have more options for you.
  • Needs more songs from iconic artists.
  • No dedicated bass guitar lessons.


GuitarTricks – is the best beginners guitar lessons. Super system for training which has ridiculous price. This is great online lesson school considering the amount of content and instructions and opportunities which you get on this site.


A lot users consider this resource quite easy to navigate and very helpful. Thanks to Core Learning System learning popular songs makes studying process more enjoyable.

The experienced customer with 48-year practice found it the greatest tutorial!

If you are basically self-taught, but need encouragement and the confidence to stimulate yourself, explore new territories with Guitar Lessons, polish up your skills and achieve the next level of guitar playing!

A singer songwriter who never felt completely ‘proficient’ found it great for honing your skills and much less expensive than live lessons.

There are a lot of good reviews about Lisa McCormick – the teacher for beginners. Understandable explanations are also given by GT-Mr.Christopher S.


JamPlay is one of the “Big 2” most full-fledged and long existing online-guitar schools. It loses a little bit when compared to GuitarTrichs. But it has some features that make it a very serious rival.

We tested it on people who have never played a guitar before, and they started playing the first chords after the first lessons.

  • There is a free trial version for 7 days.
  • Ample community.
  • 82 instructors.
  • More than 5 350 different lessons in different styles.
  • You can try to learn a huge selection of songs and bands – The Beatles, Goo Goo, Dolls, Nickelback, Downs, Fall Out Boy, Jimi Hendrix, Korn, Willie Nelson, ZZ Top, Eric Clapton.

Most of the instructors are professional musicians from famous bands. For example, the songs by Megadeth are taught by the former guitarist Glen Drover, the compositions by Machine Head are presented by the famous participants Rob Flynn and Phil Demmel. You also have a huge list of other renowned guitarists, including Nick Katanze, Ron Bumblefoot Tal, Brent Mason and Dave Isaacs.

The format of the lessons is very accessible; the toolbar is easy to set up, the video player is excellent. The videos are in high resolution, but not all of them, only those which have been made recently.

It is available for practicing heavy music styles, as well as blues, classical, jazz, pop.

Instructors of JamPlay broadcast live lessons, paying particular attention to details, a certain style or technique.

There is a great schedule to check, a friendly and supportive community, and lots of tools to help you.

The beginner section was reorganized in 2017. All the live courses get archived now, so you really never miss anything.

When you go through a particular lesson, your progress will be displayed on the dashboard.

It is easy to communicate with the other members and teachers of JamPlay.

You can use the JamPlay application on all popular devices.

In the “Tools” section there is a library of chords, a library of scales, supporting tracks, a metronome and a guitar tuner.

There’s also Chord Namer, which is really awesome, and some of the Music Theory games.

On daily webinars you can ask specific questions and solve them together with the instructor. You can attend active courses on air at a certain time every week, they are all archived.

The lessons section is divided into 4 phases:

  • For beginners. Lessons for beginners have become much easier to use and navigate. There are 20 professional teachers who have developed their own courses for beginners.
  • Division by genre and skills:
    • Folk
    • Funk
    • Jazz
    • Celtic
    • Classical
    • Blues
    • Surf
    • R & B and Soul
    • Hawaiian
    • Gospel
    • Brazilian etc
  • Songs for learning guitar online.
  • Writing songs. You can compose songs with over 100 singing lessons for acoustic and electric guitar.

The site works well. The video lesson display in JamPlay is really the best, the camera takes a great angle, you have an excellent overview of what is happening in the lesson.

Not all videos are presented in 4k format, especially if they were created several years ago.


  • Try it for free – there is trial version for 7 days.
  • Refined, professional course.
  • Very convenient tools – rock scanners, chord collectors.
  • Tracks support in different styles and keys.
  • Online video chat with instructors.
  • Teaching courses are awesome – real professional musicians talk about how to play their own style (they are usually more advanced).
  • Many lessons and guitar styles; slick format.


  • Some song lessons are not completed.
  • It seems that JamPlay is not for beginners, the main focus is on Intermediate and Advanced level players.
  • You can’t upload video clips, you must stay connected to Internet to access lessons.
  • The initial “Phase 1” may seem huge.
  • There are different instructors on every step. It is not very convenient, because, of course, working with one instructor is more efficient.
  • The quality of the course may vary depending on who teaches it. With so many instructors, it’s bound to happen that some just do not present as good lessons as the others.


We assume that JamPlay is really one of the best resources for learning guitar and acquiring new skills. It covers great community – like for example reddit learn guitar portal has. Let’s see what customers say.


We have analyzed a large number of reviews for you to estimate whether the resource is suitable for you or not.

Despite the fact that there are some lessons for bass guitar, someone found it good resource for online guitar learning, but not so good for a bass guitar. In order to gain access to bass lessons, two separate subscriptions are required, this is inconvenient.

Clients are impressed with instructors. Will Ripley is brilliant. You’re learning and building up finger strength right hand technique and getting just enough theory whilst having fun. The content and lessons are phenomenal.

There are also the reviews which insist that it is necessary to classify the lessons according to the level of skill. Many of the lessons are very useful, and it would be better to know which are for beginners or intermediate or advanced players.

There are also negative comments: some clients did not like the tutor’s explanations, they were considered incoherent and long. Some are not very satisfied with the customer’s support.

In general, the reviews are positive. Students like the quantity and structure of lessons and the absence of “holes” in the learning process.

Great supporting communities, timely help of the online guitarist. One teacher can give more knowledge and advice.

Almost all lessons come with additional materials that will help you learn how to read music.

Beginner’s lessons with David Issak will give you a solid foundation for acquiring guitar skills.

There is convenient video and audio format.

A finger guitar lesson presented by Don Rossand is highly recommended. He teaches in a methodical manner and is accompanied by several angles of the camera, so you can be sure you can see everything properly.

Class for beginners with Steve Eilberg is is considered to be the best online guitar lesson, as it is absolutely stunning. Close bond with a teacher, your age doesn’t matter.

Everything is done in a good and understandable manner, even for foreigners. Video lessons, guitar tutorials, tabs, everything is created in such a way that the result can be quickly established. For every style, everything is simple and clear.

Most of customers commented content as “excellent”.


Founded in 2008, this online music school can boast of more than 50 thousands of video lessons and thousands of trained students all over the world today.

ArtistWorks is adapted for beginners and most lessons are basic-skilled.

60 full-length lessons for beginners are covering basic concepts of rock guitar and instrument settings. There are 24 intermediate and 32 advanced lessons. Guitar teach videos are ranged from two to ten minutes. The course presents private lessons from a particular instructor based on guitar types and the style that you would like to learn. Training will take a bit longer time, and it is not as easy as GuitarTricks, but after you understand the way it works, it will not be difficult.

There are two main aspects in Artistworks lessons: a professional lesson and video sharing.

If you need a purely individual approach, which is ideal for your online lessons, for only $ 1 per day you get a direct link and a video album with recommendations for you from the legendary guitar player.

You record videos and send them to your teacher; he sends you back a video with recommendations through video messages (you can remake them as many times as you need).

The corresponding PDF files also accompany the lessons, so you can download chords and related materials.

The Rock Guitar course is presented by Paul Gilbert. If you are ready to learn guitar online, you must be proud that you’ll be trained by one of the best rock guitarists. It feels like he cares about you while teaching, there is no doubt he really wants to share knowledge and experience with you not just to advertise his name.

Paul gives great advice and ideas concerning videos, he knows how to improve the learning process. He answers all questions on forum.

There are plenty of other star tutors: for example talented Guthrie Trapp or Bryan Sutton who is responsible for Bluegrass Guitar lessons.

Bass guitar teaching lessons are also available with bass player Nathan East with more than 2,000 recordings under his name or with John Patitucci, bluegrass Bass lessons with Missy Raines.


  • Superb expert instruction with Video Exchange.
  • The competence of the instructors is amazing.
  • Slow motion video will help you to make sure you understand it, which is especially comfy for beginners.
  • The huge community, for example more than 50000 followers on Facebook.
  • Close communication with tutor.
  • Each lesson has its skill level. You start with basics and go through intermediate to advanced, it means, from easy to difficult.


  • No trial version of any guitar class, only samples of lessons.
  • The website is not so easy to navigate as the others.
  • No phone app. Only browser.
  • The video player is not 100% perfect.
  • Eventually there appears “website hanging”.
  • It is not possible to download the videos.


This resource gives its students personalized education by high-skilled famous guitarists. It provides access to great vast community where hundreds of video lessons could be watched. These facts do not lead to low price but it is justified.


Lots of people have lots of opinions. Most of the reviews prove a good customer support service, but we have also found some negative feedback. There is a complain about ArtistWorks’s non-ethical customer treatment. The client bought a package with auto-update, and he never received an email- reminder that he has an auto-update package (and if he does not cancel it, he will be charged). The recommendation is to improve customer reminding service: the reminding emails must come every month a few days before the program renewal. Also email must be sent right after the payment is made by customer. The client must be warned and informed.

The rest of clients’ reviews are positive. It’s an amazing educative communication model. They like a lot the options of the personal chat (that is active again), and the Ask Paul (direct forum).

Both the teachers and material are thoughtful and technically excellent. Great free online guitar lessons with great feedback, just add a tab to support learning.

Justin Guitar

This course is designed for beginners to intermediate. On the whole, it is free but has some terms: the content is free, the promoted supportive products are fee paying.

Justin offers 3 lesson levels:

  1. The course of free online guitar lesson for Beginners.
  2. Intermediate.
  3. Advanced (style modules: metal and rock, blues folk (fingerstyle) – is being revised now.

Beginners course

The course is divided into 10 stages (the “beginning”, and then the stages 1 – 9). At these stages you will master:

  1. Common questions for beginners
  2. Correct technique
  3. Several open chords
  4. Changing between chords
  5. Some rhythm training
  6. Picking technique
  7. Some theory
  8. Power chords and palm restraint

At each stage there is a song which you are studying.

This is a free course. The style of Justin as a guitar teacher is very clear and understandable. But classes for beginners could be conducted more slowly.


These lessons create the basics, for playing in any style. The idea of this is to build a learning methodology for yourself. Lessons include:

  • Various string chords
  • Songs
  • More advanced methods
  • Studying the fingerboard
  • Keys
  • Dynamics
  • Advanced rhythm training
  • Grab of the string
  • Finger techniques

The lessons are free. There are several additional DVDs which you can buy for intermediate lessons. This is not necessary, but it will help a lot.

Style modules

Modular training is presented in different styles. DVDs are available only for fee.

  • Blues Rhythm guitar and Blues Lead – free lessons and DVD.
  • Folk Fingerstyle – the same.
  • Solo Blues – DVD only.

You can also choose subtitles in videos in the following languages:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • Romanian
  • Finnish

Access to the site Justin Guitar is free, a few chords can be learned for free, but there is a stable feeling: if you can’t make a donation, or buy something, it’s unlikely that you will get all the necessary knowledge and skills. Passing from lesson to lesson, unexpectedly for yourself you will find that you need to buy a book or a DVD-ROM. So technically the site can be used for free, but in fact it turns out that the purchase will have to be made anyway.

Justin Guitar actually promotes the JamPlay program on the website. Therefore, they clearly see the value in your membership.

Lessons are placed on the YouTube, Justin offers to visit two channels: Justin Sandercoe (the main theoretical and technical course) and “Songs” that is focusing on teaching the playing itself. The lessons of Justin are short and easy to understand.

Today Justin is trying to upload all of his videos on the website. Navigation for lessons is very convenient, if you are a beginner, then you should go to the section “Initial course”. Would you like to focus on the technique? There is a section for this. It should be mentioned, that the site is convenient for mobile devices and has 4 mini-applications available in the Apple App Store, one of which is free (the rest are each of $1.99).


  • 100% free.
  • Justin is really skilled, this guitarist online is an attentive tutor and an experienced player.
  • You can use all platforms and devices – YouTube lessons are designed for everyone.


  • No trail version.
  • Not the best lesson structure if you are a total beginner, or have trouble self-organizing.
  • Lessons lack the depth of profound knowledge.
  • Justin needs to expand styles.


If you have money, it is better to buy something worthwhile and pay for it, despite it is not very cheap. We recommend Justin Guitar if you are completely out of money and if you are a beginner, just try some free Beginner’s lessons and decide whether you like it or not.


Do not be fooled by this guy’s appearance. He’s obviously been doing this for some time now and seems to have learned a lot.

According to numerous reviews, most of the students like Justin’s technique, his style is easy, his style is amusing. Videos are detailed, understandable to everyone, suitable for all ages. A large number of materials are a great bonus. Both beginners and experienced musicians agree that Justin’s technique is simple, the lessons are clear.

Each acoustic and electric guitar lesson is really thorough, especially the beginners course. The third level, the modules, has yet to be finalized, but beginner and intermediate lessons are the best.


We studied all about Jamorama guitar classes and we assume that it is the cheapest and greatest step #1 for those who take the guitar for the first time. It is clear and available even for kids.

Its community is smaller than for example the one of JamPlay. Jamorama offers 10 courses – from beginners to modern blues guitar lessons. The instructor Mark Mackenzie (the only tutor) is easy to listen and to follow. The site gives you excellent video quality. All is very clear, camera angles are good, the chords are perfectly visible, the lighting is good, you can be in touch with the instructor.

You can choose a free trial version. Fees for membership in Jamorama are cheaper than other lesson membership sites. In comparison with portals mentioned above it’s one of the cheapest guitar membership websites available for guitar online lessons.

There are 3 types of Jamorama:

  1. Basic (free version)
  2. “Plus” – for $4.95 per month
  3. “Pro” with monthly price of $9.95

We can say that it’s a good course for beginners which emphacises that studying within community is more comfy and effective. It has been recently improved and it made every electric and acoustic guitar lesson easier to navigate and to get involved to learning process.

The well-organized website and tutorials are easy to use, but according to clients’ opinions although it is not completely advanced, as there is no A/B looping, or even speed control as in other portals (e.g. ArtistWorks). Nevertheless, the lessons are shown in a rather high quality and they are assumed to be very watchable by the customers. Some tutorials are featuring a chord chart on the side and the bottom.

A lot of lessons are given come with PDF exercises – many customers found this option very comfy and useful. You can download every material from dashboard page of every lesson you need. Thanks to addition ‘Gamefied learning’ (that rewards you with points) you can track your achievements and see the progress.

Jamorama has both type of lessons: for beginners and advanced, focusing mainly on the acoustic guitar. Several different styles of music are covered, with the main lessons centering on rock, acoustic, blues and fingerstyle music.

Mark, a good singer, gives acoustic guitar lessons for beginners in easy and understandable way, he patiently explains everything, so every technique becomes available.


  • Low price.
  • The lessons are well-organized with jam sessions in the end of each one.
  • Members can download a PDF Jamorama Chord Book which is very practical and useful.


  • They have only one instructor.
  • Dear bass players, we are so sorry, but there are no bass lessons for you.
  • Only eight songs are available – it is incredibly poor.
  • hidden song lessons.
  • No existing mobile app, but website works properly on almost all gadgets.


The really great lack of songs and poor advanced skill tutorials cause the experienced players to choose another web portal for online guitar lessons. But despite of it, Jamorama could be a good start for beginners.


It is the largest resource of free guitar lessons online. You can get access to 25000 video lessons. With the vastest content on the Internet, this portal is considered to be the best. Only… for non-beginners.

This course can provide you with really incredible skills foundation if you are experienced, if you already can play and know the basics. So if you are searching for the resource which will enhance and expand you skills, let’s say, you have found it. If you want to learn specific songs, then TrueFire is not the best option.

Although it is great for intermediate and advanced students, it is difficult to obtain a lesson on the actual song you need.

The workshops and classes are to fee paying but you can try free version and within 30 days become acquainted with all courses and videos. Some courses can be paid and downloaded by you.

The users highly estimated quality of video and instructor. A plenty of genres make the portal almost universal for all customers.

Lessons by Peter Vogl

The successful start: free Guitar Lessons by Peter Vogl, an easy and great solution.

If you are a beginner and want to have a good start, we offer you to pay attention to free online guitar lessons by Peter Vogl. It will give you complete information about what and how to do in the beginning of your guitar career.

For example, you can master some blues techniques with his acoustic guitar lesson for beginners “Am Strut Solo”. He will teach you some outside notes to create a splendid solo; he will show how to use the Am pentatonic scale (in the open position). The customers who tried these lessons shared their opinions that this free guitar lesson is clear and well-adopted and demonstrates the marvelous playing technics of “A” natural minor scale.

According to reviews, Peter Vogl’s tutorials are considered to be highly effective and appropriate for the beginners.

You can try a free trial version for 7 days and see whether it would be convenient and suitable for you or not.

All the tutorials are completed with streaming video instruction and PDFs which you can download. Extended package has over 500 exclusive lessons – just become a member and you will get all of these materials, which will help you to study different techniques.

The bottomline

I’m sure that everyone can learn to play guitar online and to do this in a fast and easy way.

What obstacles are there in the learning process? Lack of time? Laziness? With online lessons you can design your own schedule, and repeat as many times as you wish with no witnesses. And professional tutors (superstar guitarists are met among them) will help you to get the best start or get a level up.

We hope this review will help you to make your best choice.

You need to remember, that learning to play guitar well is very difficult and time-consuming process. Don’t stop and never give up as you can study during the whole life as there is no limit to perfection.